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Re: [ossig] Patent Covers at al

>  Who are the Singapore OSS activists that are supposed to keep track of all
> these software patents thing ? Maybe can inform them to try and do something
> about it, make noise or something in the press.

Strangely I resemble that remark - but we have been asking the IPOS folks
about this but never got anything back that was constructive.  The info I posted
was from someone who had done some work in patenting stuff (not software
related) and so he was talking from experience.

> If they are able to get
> these patents nullified, it would send a strong message to Malaysia to do
> the same (but I wouldn't bet on it since Singapore is a staunch pro-USA
> nation)

While the SG govt seems to kowtow to the US govt, there were things in the
US-Singapore FTA which disallowed the US DMCA to be enforceable in
Singapore.  They sold off a lot to the US, but some sanity was kept nonetheless.
Was it enough, perhaps not.


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