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[ossig] Re: MyOSS Meetup October 2005

Aizat Faiz wrote:

>It has come to my attention that the following Meetup has fallen on the
>month of Ramadan, meaning some of us would have to break fast before the
>Meetup begins.  Thus I would like to propose to all Muslims to come
>along and break fast with us at the Meetup.  We would try to provide
>food, so please if you are planning to break fast with us, do leave a
>message as we know what to prepare.
>If you are willing to help out, even better.
>Thank You,
>Aizat Faiz
Word on the street is that below MalaysiaKini there exists stalls from
where food can be purchased so I am planning to head to MalaysiaKini by
6pm.  If anyone wants to browse through the food selection with me, I'll
be more than happy to.  Of course I can't guarantee the tastyness and
pricyness of the food.

Thank You,
Aizat Faiz.

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