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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] MyOSS Meetup October 2005

On 10/05/05 17:14 Colin Charles said the following:
> I've considered submitting a paper for HITB titled "Unbreakable Linux:
> SELinux" and seeing if all the crackers there will break a SELinux play
> machine

it's got to be highly technical, with source code and all. hitb has set a 
rather high standard for itself.

> wondering if a run-off-the-mill FC-3/RHEL4 box can be "cracked" easily

iirc, during last year's ctf, the FC boxen were r00ted thru stock services 
a few times.

incidentally, for 3 years running, the winning team has been using freebsd. 
last year, an unattended and unmanned freebsd server actually finished 
second in points standing. :)

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