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[ossig] Java theory and practice: Urban performance legends, revisited

A rather interesting read:


"Pop quiz: Which language boasts faster raw allocation performance, the
Java language, or C/C++? The answer may surprise you -- allocation in
modern JVMs is far faster than the best performing malloc
implementations. The common code path for new Object() in HotSpot 1.4.2
and later is approximately 10 machine instructions (data provided by
Sun; see Resources), whereas the best performing malloc implementations
in C require on average between 60 and 100 instructions per call
(Detlefs, et. al.; see Resources). And allocation performance is not a
trivial component of overall performance -- benchmarks show that many
real-world C and C++ programs, such as Perl and Ghostscript, spend 20 to
30 percent of their total execution time in malloc and free -- far more
than the allocation and garbage collection overhead of a healthy Java
application (Zorn; see Resources)."


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