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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] DAP MALAYSIA: Broadband for all in Malaysia]

The business environment is so political that the minute you allign 
yourself with the opposition you're dead. A survey done by MAMPU showed 
that majority of Govt agencies who did not or would not migrate to OSS 
is because of lack of support and maintenance - hence last month's 
MAMPU's dialogue with the IT industry and OSS community. It is clear 
that the OSS cummunity do not have a strategy nor a plan. If they (or 
we) do have such plan, we can take it directly to the Govt champion of 

Yeak Nai Siew wrote:

>I believe Kitsiang has all supports from the OSS people and thus we can
>all work out a plan for him to submit to government on how to execute
>the Broadband-for-all plan (and other plans that he mentioned in
>speech). This will give more creditibility to Kitsiang and OSS team,
>plus easing the government to kickstart the work. I also believe the
>team in this mailing list are really capable of doing something great
>together. Make it an Open Source project and Kitsiang as the Project
>Leader. Possible?
>If this project is on, count me in.
>Dinesh Nair wrote:
>>this was raised in parliament this morning, and includes both open
>>source and software patents. at the very least, MPs will be aware that
>>such an animal exists and it may make it easier if we were to start
>>moving towards defending malaysia's no-software-patents stand.

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