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Re: [ossig] Call for M'sian govt to rethink open source policy

On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 13:01 +0800, Muammar Kris Khaira wrote:
> > Okay, here's the thing. MAMPU can go and tell MoE that OSS is a good 
> > thing. MS
> > will also go and tell MoE that OSS is practically useless. The 
> > situation
> > is ... dynamic.
> Yes, but what they have are corporations against OSS. What we have are 
> people like you, me and everyone on this list defending OSS. 

Actually, I tend to think that it's not about defending FLOSS, but more
towards provision of choices and the education of the people towards
making an informed choice. 

Right now, the situation is skewed towards making un-informed decisions
and this is not helped by the public not knowing what choices they have.

> We should 
> get bloggers to speak out, and at the same time, to voice our opinions 
> to the press.

Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, these opinions to the press
are unheeded and disregarded.

Ow Mun Heng
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