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Re: [ossig] Call for M'sian govt to rethink open source policy

On 10/06/05 13:01 Muammar Kris Khaira said the following:
>> Okay, here's the thing. MAMPU can go and tell MoE that OSS is a good 
>> thing. MS
>> will also go and tell MoE that OSS is practically useless. The situation
>> is ... dynamic.
> Yes, but what they have are corporations against OSS. What we have are 
> people like you, me and everyone on this list defending OSS. We should 
> get bloggers to speak out, and at the same time, to voice our opinions 
> to the press.

it's got to be MORE than just speaking out. speaking out is an awareness 
thing, and on this count MAMPU, MoE and any TLA ministry out there already 
knows about open source, linux and the works. what they dont know, as MAMPU 
clearly showed in their slides, is support and maintenance services. 
without this component, their decision to move towards OSS will be in question.

i fail to understand the conondrum. if this community claims its belief in 
open source and that it will succeed, why arent the majority of the 
community[1] working within this space and/or offering paid services to 
industry on OSS issues ?

until and unless this issue is resolved, the community will be barking up 
the wrong forest, let alone the wrong tree.

[1] some do, but that's a small minority to the folk on these here lists.

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