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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] DAP MALAYSIA: Broadband for all in Malaysia]

On 10/06/05 05:53 Dr Molly Cheah said the following:
> The business environment is so political that the minute you allign 

software patents and open source are apolitical, so one good thing would be 
  for oss advocates to approach their local MPs and educate them on open 
source as well as why software patents are bad. at the least this will arm 
the MPs for a fruitful discussion in parliament and to an extent immunize 
them from the FUD emanating from closed source supporters and the pro 
software patent lobbyists.

this is another task which individual members of the community can do, in 
addition to the earlier one i proposed about adopting your local schools.

the question is if the community will get of its collective arse and do 
these things or will they continue in group intellectual wanking on these 
lists. if the community is not willing to help itself, it deserves the 
moniker of no action, talk only.

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