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Re: [ossig] Eclipse & Antlr

On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 07:03 +0100, Mohd Suhaizal Md Kamari wrote:
> That might be the problem. I know how to set the
> classpath from the cmdline but not in Eclipse (I have
> 3 eclipse related book right now, but I'm getting no
> where :( ). 

Ok, do ping again if its not a classpath related problem. Also, you
might want to try pinging the antlr mailing list, some fairly
knowledgeble people hang out there (or at least, used to).

Also, perhaps you might just use antlr without the plugin. There are
projects that can help you debug your parse trees (ie, show a visual
view in a Swing frame). And to be honest, antlr's generated code is
quite simple to understand - its not table driven and quite easy to
modify and extend (compared to output of lex, yacc).

Nice to see .my folk getting involved in compiler design! :)


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