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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] DAP MALAYSIA: Broadband for all in Malaysia]

in any case, the government has already indicated that it needs
suppport/maintenance services, so demand is already there.

yes, the govt ....  the largest  employer with the highest usage of computing services.  yes, demand is there from the *govt*.  but note that your last sentence here implies that certain qualifications are necessary to (i'm out on  a limb here...) provide these services.  secondly would the govt award tenders to small new startups without any political connections or credible history?

yet we do not
see too many OSS-based services companies formed from among the community.
we should be asking why this is so, instead of expecting handouts and
thriving on a subsidy mentality.

would there be many members of the OSS community out there want to survive on govt projects and required services?  i think the private sector would be a more viable venture for most of us.

unless i have other stable sources of revenue from elsewhere, i would not venture into the provision of services to the govt.  the unlevel playing field, slow payment and extremely competition margins makes it rather unattractive as a core business.

unless the private sector moves to OSS in a more significent way than what it is today, there will not be many players/providers and the chicken-egg situation is created when the private/public sector claims that there is insufficient providers.

but all this will change this coming march 2006. :)

micro-inhale  aka microsucks! ;-)