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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] DAP MALAYSIA: Broadband for all in Malaysia]

Ow Mun Heng wrote:

>On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 17:33 +0800, Dr Molly Cheah wrote:
>>the OSS community is not addressing the lack of support even to the Govt 
>>agencies. They have a problem that the Govt agencies said that they 
>>would not or could not migrate to oss is because there is lack of 
>>support and maintenance. 
>My 2cents says that this is wholly a bunch of rigmarole. Why it may be
>true that the FLOSS support is limited to only those of Novell(r),
>RedHat(r) and some select SMB companies, I believe the bigger is really
>a double edged sword.
Whatever you believe in, you need to know and understand Govt 
procurement requirements. They have certain rules that you have to 
follow if you're tendering for the project. e.g in a certain rfp we went 
in for, we obviously couldn't propose using debian linux. We were also 
told that in a previous case scenario that they would want to see a 
local office (doesn't matter if its just a cubicle) for support, so we 
had to propose Novell Suse rather than Redhat Linux. Yusseri will tell 
you that procurement requirements will still need to be followed.

>W/O enough people versed in FLOSS, there will definitely be a lack of
>support people. How can this be combated? Education. Since the
>Government has stated that one of the roadblocks leading to the adoption
>of FLOSS is due to support/maintenance, the government should not just
>sit on their laurels and let it go by. Instead, implement some sort of
>education programme such that there will be more people versed in FLOSS.
This was discussed at MIMOS meetings, amongst interest groups.... 
Nothing seems to come out of them. I'm just wondering if its poor 
leadership, inertia, just talk or what...... It would be nice if someone 
can lead me to a database of OSS human resources and expertise that I 
can refer to... I've said that before. Whos is organising it? Even this 
mailling list for such discussion. Several things had been said, its 
disorganised and no follow up. The thread is still DAP Malaysia:.....

The Govt. is not sitting on its laurels. Its telling everyone in ICT 
that they don't have enough support/maintenance for Govt agencies to 
migrate. What do you, meaning the OSS community) do. What are your 
strategies and plans?

>>It will be difficult to involve members of the 
>>OSS community, in its present unorganised manner unless they are part of 
>>a corporate entity, in big projects.
>Yeah. I agree that this is a job for BOSSA - Business Open Source
>Software Alliance!
Hmm!!!! We're back one circle :) We had people who agreed to move it. We 
had elections and all that... due process.


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