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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

Dinesh Nair wrote:

> On 09/24/05 13:33 Harish Pillay said the following:
>>> From their website, http://www.isac-m.org/, it appears that membership
>> is by invitation only - http://www.isac-m.org/Default.aspx?tabid=73.
>> Would be interesting to see how many were rejected.
> i was. ;)
> (i intentionally applied when they were formed, but as of now i have 
> heard nothing from them regarding my membership acceptance)
> i guess someone with 20 years of software development experience does 
> not qualify for ISAC-M.
At the MAMPU meeting, I was invited to join ISAC-M. Maybe they didn't 
know me. Anyway, a strategy will be to get all OSS people to join ISAC-M 
en bloc. But I belive you have to be a member of MNCC first ;) Who can 
organise this?


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