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[ossig] ICT in Education

Past discussions have shown several people interested in the area of 
education. Here's the link.

>     ICT in Education
> This website *www.unescobkk.org/education/ict 
> <http://www.unescobkk.org/education/ict>* is the most comprehensive 
> site on /ICT in Education /in the Asia-Pacific region. This site 
> provides extensive information about Information Communication 
> Technologies (ICTs) in education.
> You can:
> Browse the site by our five ICT in Education themes - policy, teaching 
> and learning, teacher training, indicators and technologies.
> Find regional and country information, and a comprehensive list of ICT 
> in Education programmes and projects.
> Access useful ICT in Education publications, resources, guidelines, 
> links and databases in our online resources and services section.
Look at these 2 latest news that caught my eye.

> *Internet Discussion Forum to be convened on Open Course Content 
> <http://www2.unescobkk.org/education/ict/v2_2/detail.asp?id=19222>*
> From 24 October to 2 December 2005 the UNESCO International Institute 
> for Educational Planning (IIEP) will hold an online discussion forum 
> on open course content. The forum will explore the concept of open 
> course content, its importance as a resource for higher education 
> institutes, current initiatives, and issues and implications of its use.
> *UNESCO Prepares to Launch New ICT Teacher Training Project 
> <http://www2.unescobkk.org/education/ict/v2_2/detail.asp?id=18839>*
> In the context of UNESCO objectives to mainstream ICT into education 
> and thereby empower teachers and students, UNESCO is about to launch 
> the “Next Generation of Teachers” (NET) Project, a new initiative 
> designed to assist Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) to prepare 
> the next generation of teachers to judiciously use technologies for 
> teaching and learning. The first organization to pledge support for 
> the project so far is Microsoft, which is making a generous commitment 
> through their Partners in Learning (PiL) programme.

Microsoft has made its move....


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