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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] DAP MALAYSIA: Broadband for all in Malaysia]

jason chong wrote:

> I hope I am not opening up a can of worms here. The government keeps 
> complaining there're not enough of OSS vendor support.
> I'm inclined to think otherwise. 

Where are your data to support your thoughts?

> So assuming the OSS vendor support issue does not exist, what is the 
> barrier then ? 

If you had participated in interviewing students going for industrial 
training, you will understand that there is real shortage in numbers and 
relative to projects. They are not being trained in the tertiary 
educational systems. Last year, when I interviewed them, only a handful 
said they have heard of linux. Surprised but true. It's better now but 
not much difference.

> Besides what you mentioned below, afaik, to deal with the government, 
> there's a mandatory 'quota' about a company's composition of certain 
> types of employees that it must adhere to. Last I check it has to be a 
> majority for that quota.

I've learned to live with quotas. If they reflect the current population 
ratios, it is still equitable. After all the cake had expanded so much 
that there's enough, in some cases more than enough for certain 
quarters. True that you may have to work with the right cronies, but 
that happen elsewhere. I'm sure you've read about the guy who had looked 
after race horses was given the job to manage emergency services and his 
connection was with the election campaign manager!

> It MAY or MAY NOT be public or official, but knowing our government's 
> modus operandi since the day we were born, I can fully understand what 
> they mean by 'Not enough OSS vendor support'.

Even in the private sector, its hard to get human resource who do not 
ask for unrealistic figures. They will tell you its realistic. If there 
is a shortage, this figure becomes high.

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