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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] DAP MALAYSIA: Broadband for all in Malaysia]

On 10/07/05 01:42 BIGrat said the following:
> that your last sentence here implies that certain qualifications are 
> necessary to (i'm out on  a limb here...) provide these services.  

what qualifications ? i didnt imply that at all, unless you've inferred it 
from somewhere.

> secondly would the govt award tenders to small new startups without any 
> political connections or credible history?

ahh, the cronyism thing. ok, even among the crony crew, why havent they 
formed OSS support companies and used their crony connections to win these 
contracts ? i do know that some here are definitely plugged in to this same 
crony network too.

> would there be many members of the OSS community out there want to 
> survive on govt projects and required services?  i think the private 
> sector would be a more viable venture for most of us.

ok, fine. so with the private sector being viable, how many OSS support 
companies are there providing these services to the private sector ? the 
lament is not which sector they're providing it to but rather the LACK of 
such companies.

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