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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] DAP MALAYSIA: Broadband for all in Malaysia]

On 10/08/05 18:51 BIGrat said the following:
> ".............we should be asking why this is so, instead of expecting 
> handouts and
> thriving on a subsidy mentality."

i wasnt implying any qualifications, but rather referring to the mentality 
that one needs the government to help them, irrespective of ethnicity.

> i think bytecraft is doing a pretty good job in the govt sector .... the 

one swallow does not an exodus make.

> late.  BUT is there sufficient demand at right now?  asking companies to 

MAMPU seems to think so.

> its the same thing. if there isnt sufficient demand in the private 
> sector again, who wants to risk it?  i personally think there is enough 
> demand there but the perception is that the pie isnt big enough.

as businessmen/women, perhaps then the onus is to go out and create the 
demand. at the crux of it, companies need computing services and they need 
these needs met with quality and aptness. one possible reason why OSS 
companies are not succeeding at winning these pieces of the pie could be 
that they lack the capability to provide both quality and aptness and 
confine their "expertise" to just installation of linux on commodity 
hardware. this will definitely not make a good business model.

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