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[ossig] MDC to hold public discussion on Malaysian Creative Commons

It'll be good if members of the community can be present, to ensure that
our views, opinions and thoughts are given full and due consideration. 
Also, we need to ensure that the event does not get hijacked by certain
well known parties which has been known to happen in recent times.



MDC to hold public discussion

CYBERJAYA: The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) is holding a
walk-in public discussion on Malaysia's draft Creative Commons licences
this month. 

It will take place at Universiti Malaya's Tun Suffian Auditorium, from
8.30am to noon, on Oct 26. 

This will be the first time the event is open to the public; the three
previous discussions were by invitation only.  

MDC had on March 29 signed a collaboration agreement with Creative
Commons, a San Francisco-based non-profit organisation, to adapt its
licences to suit the Malaysian context. 

The Creative Commons website (www.creativecommons.org) enables copyright
holders to grant some of their rights to the public while retaining
others through a variety of licensing and contract schemes. Its
intention is to avoid the problems that current copyright laws create
for the sharing of intellectual property. 

The Creative Commons Malaysia community project is hosted by the MDC,
which plans to launch it at year-end. 

Among the issues that will be up for discussion is moral rights under
the Copyright Act 1987 which prevent others from presenting a person's
work without attribution or with incorrect attribution, even after that
person's death.  

Another is whether copyright holders can exclusively waive their right
to collect fees and royalties, either individually or through
representatives and performance rights societies. 

Creative Commons is said to be more suitable for digital works, which
can be easily duplicated and modified, especially with today's remix
culture – where someone might rip a CD track and modify it digitally on
a computer.  

For more information, call Linda Wang or Choy Sook Yee of Tay & Partners
at (03) 2050-1888.


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