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Re: [ossig] MDC to hold public discussion on Malaysian Creative Commons

Ditesh wrote:
> It'll be good if members of the community can be present, to ensure that
> our views, opinions and thoughts are given full and due consideration. 
> Also, we need to ensure that the event does not get hijacked by certain
> well known parties which has been known to happen in recent times.

Sure ?

I don't think the usual suspects will show for CC.
We'll rather have other appreciative guys around; those who fear their 
loss of protected revenue.
Just yesterday (?) we could read in The Star that foreign films will be 
taxed to support the local movie industry.
I am afraid the mindset needs a change: As long as people think that 
best protection is a monopoly with state-guaranteed revenue and tariffs 
for competitors, we won't go anywhere.

A possible link to introduce something else:
I have enjoyed hours of legal downloads (streams) from them.
Free Culture à Lawrence Lessig.


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