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Re: [ossig] Xara Xtreme going GPL

On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 02:38 +0800, Dinesh Nair wrote:

> On 10/13/05 02:22 Mukhsein Johari said the following:
> > See what can be done with it (certainly knocked my
> > socks off!)
> > http://www.xara.com/gallery
> it's a vector drawing program, so it's suited for career graphics artists. 
> may give gimp a run for its money though.

You mean Inkscape? :)

The FAQs and their attitude makes interesting reading, including their
thoughts on why a non-open source product may not sell in Linux, and why
a FOSS model may be the only way they as a small company can stay


And they know what professionals need like Pantone support.

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