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[ossig] Open Document, the next generation?

With all the excitement on open document it's good to
take stock on what the situation was like just 10
years ago. I still remember Dinesh's posts about open
file formats being the real important concept, not
just open source apps. Looks like just about everyone
thought the same thing. Except M$ of course...

This was on many news sites:

Gary Edwards: OpenOffice.org 2.0 leaping over legacy
lockdown with clean XML

Do read it, it also gives an insight into M$' evil

Btw. its ODF
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Document], not to
be confused with the older OpenDoc

In fact, ODF should probably be adopted by all
governments of the world, considering that they exist
and function out of tax-payers money. They have an
obligation to not only save on costs but also to keep
documents long, long after they were originally made.
Somewhat problematic with M$ file formats as many
would agree. Wonder what our own gov. is doing about

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