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Re: [ossig] FYI: MSC Patent Series: Patent 101 19/10/2005

Aizat Faiz wrote:

>nplee wrote:
>Does it appear to me that alot of these events are planned on
>wednesdays?  Either way, how about we bring over RMS's video on software
>patents, and um...yeah.
If the anti-patent lobby wants to be effective that day, you need to 
strategise and get organised before turning up, even in substantial 
numbers...and you need articulate spokesmen to rebutt, put across your 
points etc. in a systematic manner. Thumping tables, playing videos and 
appearing angry, in disbelief... would not win the debate, or even to be 
taken seriously.

RMS's views are well documented, but yet it was necessary for MDC to 
hold a series of seminars on IPs, patents...


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