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Re: [ossig] FYI: MSC Patent Series: Patent 101 19/10/2005

I am really shaking my head here.

As far as I know, Microsoft works very closely with MDC and even channelled funds through them to encourage the local IT tech companies to go into business (provided they use Microsoft .NET products)


I won't be surprised they have a hand in this Patents issue. They're using it as a 1st step towards bringing in Software Patents to Malaysia.

It is going to be very hard to make the case against software patents with MDC and MS working hand in hand to promote this issue.

They've got money (apparently tens of millions) to influence MDC, what have the FOSS movement to offer other than sound advise?

Sound advise have been shut off from the mainstream press. Nobody's listening. It seems only money talks.

Short term gains for long term lost. Pretty soon Foreign companies will be suing us for violating software patents and we will also be scrambling to patent ridiculous ideas and suing the crap out of each other.

We still have no way to check for patents in Malaysia. It is not transparent/free at all.

Sun and IBM being patent holders as well probably won't make a noise about this in this MDC event.

The FOSS movement is probably alone on this one this time.

2008 = Judgement Day.

On 10/13/05, Molly Cheah <drcheah@pc.jaring.my> wrote:
If the anti-patent lobby wants to be effective that day, you need to
strategise and get organised before turning up, even in substantial
numbers...and you need articulate spokesmen to rebutt, put across your
points etc. in a systematic manner. Thumping tables, playing videos and
appearing angry, in disbelief... would not win the debate, or even to be
taken seriously.

RMS's views are well documented, but yet it was necessary for MDC to
hold a series of seminars on IPs, patents...


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