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Re: [ossig] FYI: MSC Patent Series: Patent 101 19/10/2005

This one I totally agree. Couldn't  stress more than enough that software patents hurts all sectors of the local software development industry, OSS or not, but better to get someone from their own proprietary camp to speak out as well.

On 10/14/05, Yoon Kit Yong <yoonkit@gmail.com> wrote:

Going from the FOSS angle will not be as convincing,
as to these corporate types, FOSS is still anti-commercially exploitive.

It would have more of an impact if a
spokesman from a local Software House
were to speak up on this Software Patents issue,
and how it will affect his business:
- how much higher the entry barrier will be raised,
- the threat of legal lawsuits with every new feature included,
- the time spent on researching prior patents,
- the cost of registering patents,
- the price of cross-licensing,
and saying that copyright is good enough already.

With that, MDC can take note, and see that only
large multinationals are only go gain from
the enactment of software patent laws.

"Because these companies own a lot of patents, and they cross-license
with each other. That way, they escape most of the harm that the
patent system does and they only get the good." -- Richard Stallman

So a software patent law will only benefit large cos
who cross license which each other so that they operate
in a 'system' which has no software patents, and yet
get the clout over small software shops!