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Re: [ossig] FYI: MSC Patent Series: Patent 101 19/10/2005

Yoon Kit Yong wrote:

> Going from the FOSS angle will not be as convincing,
> as to these corporate types, FOSS is still anti-commercially exploitive.
> It would have more of an impact if a
> spokesman from a local Software House
> were to speak up on this Software Patents issue,
> and how it will affect his business:
>  - how much higher the entry barrier will be raised,
>  - the threat of legal lawsuits with every new feature included,
>  - the time spent on researching prior patents,
>  - the cost of registering patents,
>  - the price of cross-licensing,
> and saying that copyright is good enough already.

Good one here. I don't intend to come; it won't be much for me to add. I 
gave my remarks to the officials of MIPC / PHIM.
The one coming up on 19 is more of a political meeting; hopefully not a 
political slaughterhouse.

Be prepared to refute the ridiculous argument it helps the local 
inventor to get-rich-quick. I gave you the link for the filing / grants, 
and this speaks louder than words.
The intention is the opposite: The more patents you dish out to MNCs, 
the more you stifle the local inventor.

> With that, MDC can take note, and see that only
> large multinationals are only go gain from
> the enactment of software patent laws.

Let's be serious, the MSC has by now the 'failure'-status as far as 
local contributions are concerned. The last straw is to bring in MNCs 
and make it a 'corridor' of enterprises for regional trading and 
subsidiaries. Sure: *now* the MNCs are highly interested to get a hold 
of the market and kick out local competitors and 'pirates'.
But not - IMHO - because the MNCs are evil, simply because it *is* 
difficult to sell fridges to eskimos or conquer a saturated market.
They look, like anyone else, for maximal ROI.
Any FOSS is less of the latter, and so - quite understandably - they 
rather have the thumbscrews in place.

2 sen,


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