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Re: [ossig] FYI: MSC Patent Series: Patent 101 19/10/2005

Dr Molly Cheah wrote:

> Dinesh Nair wrote:
>> On 10/14/05 06:38 Dr Molly Cheah said the following:
>>> Is there a registered association for oss activities that I can join?
>> yes, MINDS.
> Now for what matters... What is MINDS? Where is its location? When was 
> it formed? Who is in charge? How does one get in touch with it? Or is 
> there a place one can go to for such information.
> Molly
Google is free, perhaps you should consult it next time?


Top result: http://www.minds.org.my/

"Founded in 1986, the Malaysian Invention and Design Society is the 
largest body in Malaysia representing individuals, universities and 
companies who pursue excellence in invention, creativity, innovation, 
research and development, and industrial design. MINDS is responsible 
for promoting high standards of invention and design, fostering 
professionalism and encouraging continuing professional development 
amongst its members."

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