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Re: [ossig] Web-problem

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 10:35 +0800, Uwe Dippel wrote: 
> Dear Tm-net support,
> I was trying to file a report about my Streamyx connection being 
> unavailable since Friday, 14.15,
> when I found that your online service has a wrong URL:
> http://isp.tm.net.my/html/customer_tecnical.cfm#
> is where I ended my search, because the link "Get our support now"
> leads to a dead link "www.tmmsupport.net.my could not be found"

Hi There as well, I am another TMnet Streamyx user. I too am not able to
access that page as well.

$ nslookup www.tm.net.my
Name:   www.tm.net.my

$ nslookup www.tmmsupport.net.my
** server can't find www.tmmsupport.net.my: NXDOMAIN


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