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Re: [ossig] EFF breaks watermarking code on printers

Dinesh Nair wrote:

> when they come up with gems like these, i love those left-wing buggers 
> at EFF ! :)

This is another fine one:

> Lundgren had claimed a “method of compensating a manager” that involved several steps of calculating a proper compensation based on performance criteria and then transferring payment to the manager. The examiner rejected the claims arguing that they were “outside the technical arts, namely an economic theory expressed as a mathematical algorithm without the disclosure or suggestion of a computer, automated means, apparatus of any kind, the invention as claimed is found non-statutory.”

Alas, the patent examiner was overruled. The review panel noted "the 
claim [would be able] to 'produce a useful, concrete, tangible result' 
without being a 'law of nature, physical phenomenon or abstract idea.'"

Good night, wherever you are !

Next time you open source people (and the Government of Malaysia) will 
have to pay royalties to an American company for paying out KPI-based 
bonuses ?

Don't tell me the Malaysian Patent Act did not allow 'conducting 
business'. MIPC got rid of non-patentability of software within half a 
year; as far as their FAQ is concerned.
How long will it take to change that passage, once their independent 
consultants (i.e. Microsoft) suggests this to the respective Minister ?

source: http://patentlaw.typepad.com/patent/


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