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RE: [ossig] Re: [myoss] Revaluing Deployment of Open Source Software

Open source means open source. It looks like everyone is being thrown off track with open standards and leaving the masses even more confused about why open source is needed to be in mainstream instead of being second fiddle.


I mean a chicken (open source / proprietary) is the food, a pan is the tool (open standards). We cannot say “use the chicken and not the pan for a friend chicken”. I was reminded of the lady (ingredients on food labels) at the MAMPU briefing the other day and came up with my own analogy.


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..... and are we letting him get away with that ??  ;-)

They push their RAND backed "web services" standards as open standards
and say that proprietary software contributes greatly to open standards
and *conveniently* forgets the web/internet/tcpip open standards
infrastructure that was uh um.. developed using open source

As stated before, they tend to conveniently forget the Internet and the
numerous applications and servers, that were all developed on open
source, and non-RAND open standards.

micro-inhale  aka microsucks! ;-)