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[ossig] Marketing and Selling OSS


Please see appended. Has something like this been done locally, with local speakers and experiences in the mix?
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Marketing and Selling Open Source software



The software industry’s premier ISV business seminar on how to make money and profits selling Open Source software and services


Download the complete brochure with speakers, agenda, and schedule!

A two-day, information-packed session.


Seating is limited!


Sponsored by Softletter, the industry’s leading source of hard data on the business of software. Complete info at: www.softletter.com


Register Today


1. Learn from companies successfully selling Open Source software and services what business models they’re using and why.


2. Discover how to develop compelling ROI models for selling Open Source products and services.

3. Gain valuable insight into the process of selling Open Source software into government markets.

4. Hear actual case studies from companies successfully selling Open Source products and services to learn how they do it and why it works.

5. Get a critical head start on integrating Open Source components into your company’s growth plan.

6. Evaluate the most current information on trends and developments in the market for Open Source software.

7. Learn how to combat Open Source FUD.


8. Uncover how successful Open Source companies work with IT executives to build acceptance of Open Source and close sales.

9. Obtain insights into how Open Source software impacts your international sales efforts.

10. Discover the most common mistakes companies make when selling and marketing Open Source software (and how to avoid them).


From its humble beginnings in the early 1980s, Open Source has made the transition from a novelty to a powerful economic force in the software industry. Today, thousands of companies worldwide are integrating and buying Open Source software and technology for their firms or evaluating Open Source software for future purchases. Even Microsoft has been forced to acknowledge the power of Open Source.

"Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005" will show you how companies are selling Open Source products and services and how you can succeed as they have. This seminar offers software developers and publishers a unique opportunity to focus on the business realities of selling Open Source.

"Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005" provides an intense, information- packed session focused heavily on strategies, techniques, and tactics for selling Open Source software and services that generate profits. Attendees will include speakers from leading software companies and organizations. Networking, discussion sessions, daily luncheons and tabletop exhibits are incorporated into both seminar sessions. If your company develops, sells, licenses or competes with Open Source software, this event is a must attend.


Seating is limited! Reserve your place today!


The cost to attend Softletter's two-day “Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005” seminar is $895, but register by October 30th for $795 and save $100.



Save an additional $100 for the second attendee if you register two people from the same company, $200 per additional attendees if you register three or more! To book your group today, please call toll free at 1.888.479.6663, (international calls and Boston area call 1-781-751-8650).


SoftletterR17;s "Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005” is a two-day, intensive program of case studies and analyses of how to successfully profit by marketing and selling Open Source software and services. The sessions and case studies include:

  • Developing ROI models for Open Source products and services
  • Selling Open Source to IT
  • Understanding and managing OSS licensing models
  • Linux and Open Source software in the retail market
  • The most dangerous marketing and sales mistakes in Open Source today
  • Selling Open Source software to the government
  • Current sales and marketing trends in Open Source software
  • The growth of the Open-Source-for-profit applications market
  • Countering FUD directed at Open Source
  • International markets for Open Source software
  • Integrating proprietary and Open Source products into your business model
  • Dual licensing for fun and profit—The MySQL model
  • Selling Open Source services

And much, much more!

    To see the complete agenda, please click here


  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Open Source Evangelists
  • VPs of Marketing
  • VPs of Sales
  • Managers of Strategic Planning
  • VPs of Business Development
  • Open Source Developers
  • Founders
  • Principals
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Marcom Managers

And anyone who needs to understand how Open Source can help their business grow and expand.


San Jose

Day 1: Thursday, November 10th, 2005; Day 2: Friday, November 11th, 2005

Hyatt San Jose
1740 North First Street
San Jose , CA 95112
408-993-1234 (main)
408-453-0261 (fax)


Click here for complete location information



WeR17;ve arranged for a powerful lineup of speakers who have practical, hands-on experience in building businesses around Open Source. Some of those appearing at “Softletter’s Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005” include:

  • Matt Asay, Director of Linux Business, Novell
  • Andrew Aiten, Founder of The Olliance Group
  • Donald K. Rosenberg, author of “Open Source: The Unauthorized White Papers”
  • Mark Hinkle Vice President of Business Development, Win4Lin
  • John Roberts, CEO, SugarCRM
  • Kevin Carmony, CEO, Linspire
  • Zack Urlocker, Vice President of Marketing, MySQL
  • Maria Winslow, Contributing Editor, LinuxWorld Magazine
  • Rob Page, CEO, Zope
  • Lawrence Rosen, author of “Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law”

To see the speaker list and read speaker bios, please click here

We look forward to seeing and working with you!


Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman

Managing Editor, Softletter

Seminar Chairman, “Softletter’s Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005”


Donald K. Rosenberg

Seminar Co-Chairman, “Softletter’s Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005”




PS: All attendees will leave “Softletter’s Marketing and Selling Open Source Software 2005” with a complete copy of the speakers’ presentations and other materials designed to allow you to execute on the information you’ve gained at the seminar. Register today and save $100 off the $895 regular price for the second attendee (register two or more attendees and save an additional $200 per additional attendees).


Register Today


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