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Re: [ossig] FW: [bytesforall_readers] FSFE: Early comment on newMicrosoft Shared Source Licenses

On 10/22/05 10:58 nsh@pop.jaring.my said the following:
> should not discriminate against proprietary software.  Secondly, by 
> testing the waters with some software being released as FOSS they are 
> preparing themselves to cope in a more FOSS centric environment if and 
> when that should happen.

all this bearing in mind that MS has always excelled at coming from behind 
as the underdog and ending up as the dominant force in any particular 
segment. they've done it twice in recent history, once with the internet as 
a whole and secondly with IE the browser. never underestimate MS's ability 
to fight like an underdog, in fact, they may even relish that role.

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