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RE: [ossig] FW: [bytesforall_readers] FSFE: Early comment on new Microsoft Shared Source Licenses

Dear Nur,
The illiterate are powerless people, the listen more, they understand less,
are scared and are ruled by the powerful because they look up to the
powerful for supplying resources to fulfill their basic needs. But what
happens when the poor powerless illiterate meager become literate, acquire
more and more knowledge, more understanding, gain the power of wisdom and
ruler ship? They start making their own decisions, they look for
alternatives, they know what is good or bad, they plan, they start fooling
the powerful that they are on the same sides but tend to build a
rebellion/mutiny of their own. The essence of the politics of Free and Open
Source Software is really very different than what Microsoft thinks or says,
what the BSA understands, what the NASDAQ giants think. 

It is a misconception that everyone wants to break the power rule of
Microsoft, frankly speaking me and you can't do that or even dream about it
but the Governments and largest multinational corporations of the world can.
I have a small hunch that if IBM wants, it can take out Microsoft over a
very small issue that I think has gone vague amidst the discussions about
proprietary and open source software, but that issue has no importance in
the open source discussion at the moment.

The illiterate of an old generation are the literate of today, the once poor
and needy ruled by Microsoft are today more aware of their options, thatís
where the adoption of Linux and Open Source Tools comes in, if we are to sit
and discuss whether countries and governments are going to adopt open source
or not, then I think that the discussion is old or has a lesser value, but
if we say that this many governments have adopted open source software
procurement/policy regimes and this many efforts have come about worldwide
and this is the strength of the open source community and this is their
output, I believe the open source community deserves a Nobel Prize. Can't
you see the world is changing, the open standards are being brought back
into the open, what people were closing is now once again breathing in the
open air of Freedom and Independence, the true concept of an independent and
free virtual world is evolving. This is an Open ICT Ecosystem. The ecosystem
that has evolved to co-exist with the proprietary or as some would like it

It's very hard to understand Nur, isn't it, but there are some people who
understand it, they can be Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, Linus Travolds, a
global community of millions of people, me and Sunil in neighboring
countries? My dear colleague, the world is now a different place; it was
meant to be this way..........

Tell me one small thing, how many times have u come up with a new idea and
seek help from Microsoft, do they even call you up to say great idea lets
work on it, but what happens when u give the same idea to the open source
community? If your idea is good, they start gathering around you ready to
facilitate you, build a community that gives instead of a community that
only consumes resources. A team has just contacted me from a renowned
premier US university that contributes to the open source community a lot
and they have offered me extension of software development expertise and
knowledge for creating software that was not ever anticipating in our
region. It is a different world, a different place, for you and me and the
entire human race. Itís a free as in freedom and an open source world now :)

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary
FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan ģ
FOSSAC ' 2006 Secretariat
Punjab University College of Information Technology
University of The Punjab, Allama Iqbal (Old) Campus
The Mall, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
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On 10/22/05, nsh@pop.jaring.my <nsh@pop.jaring.my> wrote:

This brings to mind a discussion we had some time ago when the possibility
of MS making MS-Windows open source came up and some some people did
venture to say that it is not that un-thinkable for that to happen if the 
environment and business conditions call for that as MS will still be able
to make money from its other software, services, content etc.††In fact if
MS-Windows was made open probably even more people will use it and with 
this MS will stand to gain in the sales of the rest of the proprietary
software it still has as well as the multimedia, messaging and content
services built around the MS-Windows technology environment.

This discussion is entirely academic of course. It's like asking "What If
Sauron Decided To Voluntarily Give Up All His Rings Of Power To Join The
Hobbit Weed Farming Community"?

Microsoft isn't *just* about making money. They love to do that sure, but
the central axis of their belief system is that in order to make money, they
must be master of the entire IT industry, and all other software makers must
submit to their will. 

"One OS To Rule Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them"

They control the OS. They control the APIs. They control the file formats.
People upgrade when they them to. Other software developers license SDKs and
dev tools from *them*. They hold all the keys, guard all the exits, and
basically dominate and call the shots. MS execs sincerely believe that
Microsoft should control all software instrastructure from the top of the
stack to the bottom. All that marketing fluff about "better integration from
a single vendor" simply means "we own you". 

It's not just about money. It's about power. By keeping things proprietary
they hold *power*. By making Windows open source, they give up power. And if
we learned anything from The Lord Of The Rings, *nobody ever easily gives up
power once it's in their hands*. Not even if they know it's detrimental for
them. Thus is human nature.

-= Nur Hussein =-

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