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Re: [ossig] Touch pad & usb mouse configuration

Mohd Suhaizal Md Kamari wrote:

>  Need help with my touch pad & usb mouse
> configuration. I'm using DELL Inspiron 600m running
> Gentoo with 2.6 kernel.

I'm running another DELL notebook; similar configuration.

No problem. Of course, you plug in the mouse before you boot as best 
solution. This must work.
X reads its config at start, so later on it will not re-read it on its 
on. That is, chances are you plug your mouse before you start it.

Or, you install OpenBSD and it works out of the box without any config.
I dunno why these buggers on Linux haven't been able to detect 
/dev/input/mice on their own ? At least, I never got it to work by 
itself; always had to vi Xxxxxx.conf. On BSD it does.
No flamewars, please.
And setserial behaves similarly. The Linux kernel never probes irq; 
while the BSD-kernel *recognises* my ttyS3 on irq 5.
Enough OT for today,


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