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Re: [ossig] The Future is Open Source (Pakistan)

On 10/29/05 18:11 Fouad Riaz Bajwa said the following:
> "Pakistan can attract a lot of foreign investment, if piracy is properly
> tackled," says Al Redha, co-chairman of the Business Software Alliance.
> "Open source/Linux has a great potential in Pakistan in terms of reducing
> costs for our private sector and to eliminate piracy. It is up to us to
> realize the importance of open source and we should adopt free alternatives
> of copyrighted software in the form of Linux and OSS, to counter piracy."

oddly, the local BSA chapter in pakistan seems to be in support of OSS and 
has even gone as far as encouraging the use of FOSS to fight piracy. imho, 
this should be the stance taken for anti-piracy measures if an 
organization's main focus is on eradicating software piracy.

contrast this with the stance taken by BSA in malaysia which makes it a 
point to confuse it's anti-piracy activities with it's objections to OSS 
policies whenever the sitation permits itself.

perhaps this should be pointed out to BSA Malaysia, that their counterparts 
in Pakistan have at least got it right.

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