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RE: [ossig] The Future is Open Source (Pakistan)

Your definitely right about IBM in Pakistan Khairil, they are funding almost
every open source promotional activity in Pakistan. BSA in Pakistan has to
take a different role because in Pakistan over 85%+ software is pirated and
a large majority of the citizens in the region are not aware of the basic
differences between pirated and licensed software. So it's a pretty
different picture in Pakistan.

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On Sat, 2005-10-29 at 18:28 +0800, Dinesh Nair wrote:

> perhaps this should be pointed out to BSA Malaysia, that their
> in Pakistan have at least got it right.

BSA members include IBM. I do not think the other members have as much
vested interest in open source. IBM I believe is quite supportive of
open source in Pakistan (and maybe of less interest to other member
companies), and as such may be behind BSA statements there.

Anything that BSA states officially I believe has to be sanctioned by
these companies. As such BSA members here in Malaysia may see that
supporting open source is not in their best interests (including IBM

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