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RE: [ossig] The Future is Open Source (Pakistan)

Dear Khairil, 
I would like to point you to some of the steps regarding promotion of the
F/OSS movement by IBM in Pakistan:

IBM - OSRC Conference on Linux Adoption in Pakistan
June 25, 2005, Karachi, Pakistan

Linux & Open Source Adoption in Pakistan, June 25

IBM Pakistan Open Source/Linux Presentations:

IBM Conference on Linux and Open Source Adoption

IBM in Pakistan Responds to Earthquake Disaster - IBM helped deploy FOSS
SAHANA Relief Management System in Pakistan

IBM Offers Free Technologies to Universities to Accelerate Open Standards
Development Skills 

I am not advocating the vendor; I am only clarifying the positive role that
IBM is adopting in Pakistan-South Asia Region. IBM has also vowed to support
the FOSS Movement by participating in FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software
Foundation future activities and events. I have a fax from their IBM-Country
Manager for Pakistan stating such support in the future during the
FOSSAC'2005 1st National Free and Open Source Software Awareness Campaign
August 16-19, 2005. I hope that they will support us during FOSSAC'2006
http://r0.unctad.org/ecommerce/fosspart/eventsfp.htm 2nd National Free and
Open Source Software Awareness Campaign August 19, 2005-August 19, 2006.
Ref: UNCTAD Announcement:
FOSSAC'2006 Official Section: http://www.fossfp.org/fossac2006 

I have a complete CD of presentations and videos from the event, if you can
provide me a large FTP to upload the contents; you will be able to view how
IBM-Pakistan is leading the commercial open source activities here.

Looking forward to your comments.

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary
FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan R
FOSSAC ' 2006 Secretariat
Punjab University College of Information Technology
University of The Punjab, Allama Iqbal (Old) Campus
The Mall, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
Phone #: 92 (042) 111-923-923 Ext: 27
Cell #: 92-333-4661290
e-mail: bajwa@fossfp.org
URL: www.fossfp.org
URL: www.ubuntu-pk.org
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On Mon, 2005-10-31 at 11:33 +0800, Dinesh Nair wrote:

> in the spirit of a democratic majority, could IBM be drowned out in BSA 
> Malaysia then ?

Possibly. But from reading BSA documents, I don't think that IBM would
have an issue with their statements. BSA always pushes for a "balanced"
view for proprietary software and the interests of their members (large
powerful US corporations).

As long as there are license revenue from large established clients for
proprietary IBM software (Lotus Notes, DB/2, their middleware stuff), I
don't see how IBM would care to push open source that much. They and
their local partners earn more money selling Lotus Notes and DB/2 on
Win2K3 on IBM hardware (and services) then just hardware and services
alone on a FOSS platform.

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