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Re: [ossig] FOSSFP in WSIS Tunis with Free and Open Source Software

See you in Tunis Fouad. We're in the same activities under Sharing the 
Future, but mainly addressing the Health MDGs.

Fouad Riaz Bajwa wrote:

>Dear Colleagues
>FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan is
>participating in the "Sharing the Future" Activities during the World Summit
>on the Information Society Tunis 2005 from November 14-20, 2005 in Tunis,
>Tunisia. Mr. Fouad Riaz Bajwa, General Secretary, FOSSFP will be
>representing FOSSFP on behalf of Dr. M. Anwar ur Rehman Pasha, Chairman,
>FOSSFP (as Dr. M.A. Pasha is visiting England). FOSSFP will be showcasing
>various programmes being carried out in the region of Pakistan-South Asia.

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