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Re: [ossig] Programmer life in Malaysia.

Aizat Faiz <aizat.faiz@gmail.com> wrote:

Just because your going to graduate soon, doesnt mean you have to stop

first thing first, i'm not grad yet, just in second year,

the point here is that, people at my place really:
i) just want to pass exam, not all but alot of them
ii)for some of them, programming is the last job on their mind, i think there is more
   want to be sysadmin
iii)for another alot of them, comp sci or it is not really their first choice, so try to get
    them do programming

just want to ask:
- noticed in the forum that people want 2 years job experience
- so does working in FOSS project is accepted as job experience for most employer?

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