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Re: [ossig] Programmer life in Malaysia.

On 11/17/05 13:01 Ng Swee Meng said the following:
> i) just want to pass exam, not all but alot of them

paper qualifications alone without an analytical and reasoning capability 
wont get your hired.

> ii)for some of them, programming is the last job on their mind, i think 
> there is more
>    want to be sysadmin

in a creative field, a sysadmin wont get them the big bucks they desire. 
they need to be engineers, and for engineers a critical ability is problem 
solving, reasoning and analysis. if they cant do this and still expect big 
bucks, then they're living on Fantasy Island.

> iii)for another alot of them, comp sci or it is not really their first 
> choice, so try to get
>     them do programming

if CS is not their first choice and they lack the passion for it, then it's 
the wrong industry for them to be in. in effect they've killed their own 
career prospects because shifting to another industry is going to be 
tougher without baseline fundamentals in the other industry. working in a 
CS position will also be counterproductive due to their lack of passion for 
  the field. end result, they're going to dead=end themselves career-wise.

> - noticed in the forum that people want 2 years job experience

it's not the quantitative number of years, but rather the /amount/ of 
experience you've garnered. however, in job ads a qualitative benchmark 
like this is hard to put down so most people will put down number of years 
required. rest assured however that the better employers are looking at 
quality not quantity.

> - so does working in FOSS project is accepted as job experience for most 
> employer?

i would, but with a provisio that the experience was within the role being 
applied for. i.e. if you're asking to be a developer then i'd consider your 
development FOSS experience.

in fact, from my point of view, FOSS development experience stands as being 
more valuable than closed source development experience because as an 
employer i can easily judge your capabilities and your qualities by looking 
at the FOSS code you've written. your management and leadership skills will 
also be apparent from the manner in which you manage the FOSS project while 
your communications and crisis management skills would be clear from how 
your resolve conflicts within the foss project.

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