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Re: [ossig] single sign-on, SSH, VSFTP trouble


I assumed you are using SAMBA + Windbind.

Just need to know. Using this command

getent passwd

Do you get any users that only be in the ADS?


On 11/15/05, Nicholas A. Suppiah <nicholas@apiit.edu.my> wrote:
Hi all,

I have cracked my head over the week on this problem that I believe is a
simple one. Alas, its eluding me. Maybe one of you can see the solution
to the following problems.

I have Fedora Core 2 where users are authenticated to a MS Windows
Server (ADS maintains the user/password). All is fine can surf, email,
network. The name "domainuser" is authenticated by the ADS to
apiit.edu.my without problems. The host.deny is empty. My suspect is in
the PAM files at this moment. I list out the problems and symptoms.