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[ossig] JOB: Technical Writer(s)

--- The Company

QubeConnect Sdn Bhd is a high technology research and development outfit
which specializes in the production and marketing of NGN telecommunications
and internetwork equipment providing solutions for fixed, mobile and
data communications networks.

QubeConnect offers a full range of products for enterprise and
telecommunication provider markets comprising of softswitches, routers,
firewalls and Quality of Service traffic shapers. With the QubeTalk
Telecommunications Application Platform (QTAP), we are poised to
gain a strong foothold in the VoIP and Next Generation Network market
segments in Asia Pacific and Europe.

--- The QubeConnect Culture

QubeConnect was founded and is run by tech-savvy people who have been
involved in the development and management of large scale software
projects and understand that great ideas require the right culture and
environment to grow into reality.

QubeConnect strongly believes in the technical merits of the Open Source
Software movement. You will be directly involved in the documentation of
existing and future components in all elements of the OSS stack including
embedded operating systems, network infrastructure elements and a rich web
application support systems.

--- Job Openings

We are expanding our R&D facility and are looking for technical
documentation writers.

1. Technical Writers

The candidate will be expected to interview software engineers effectively
and elicit information needed for documentation. They should possess the
ability to edit, write and format system documentation on an open source
word processor and be able to test the systems to ensure accuracy of
documentation. They would also review design specifications for clarity,
completeness, consistency, general content and user friendliness.

Such a candidate would possess excellent oral and written communication
skills, have a high attention to detail and be accurate and thorough.

To do this, they'd obviously need to have outstanding organization,
analytical and problem solving skills and an ability to adapt and change in
a fast paced environment while being capable of meeting deadlines. Critical
would be the ability to grasp technical concepts quickly and translate
business requirements into useful user text.

Initiative would also be shown through a high desire to learn the business
process, commercial impact and technical aspects of the systems. Finally,
knowledge of technical writing and software documentation techniques and
diagramming methodologies would be a definite must.

Send all applications via email in ASCII or PDF to dinesh@qubeconnect.com
with a subject line of "Application for Position: Technical Writer".
Submissions in Microsoft Word or any other proprietary format will be filed
immediately in the Trash Bin for consideration by the Alam Flora fellas.

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