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[ossig] Anyone else coming to FOSS.IN/2005?


I was curious if any other list members will be coming to FOSS.IN/2005
(http://www.foss.in) in Bangalore? If you are, please drop me an email
and we can perhaps sync our visit in Bangalore. It's held from Nov 29
thru Dec 2nd and last year it had about 3000 attendees and I suspect
it's probably the biggest FOSS event in Asia. This year's speaker list
includes names that will be familiar to list members, such as Alan Cox
(Linux kernel), Harald Welte (netfilter), Rasmus Lerdorf (php), Brian
Behlendorf (apache). Those of you who have LWN subscriptions will have
noticed Jonathan Corbet as well the coverage of the event at LWN.
There will be 140 talks and 20 tutorials covering lots of topics
including embedded systems, kernel hacking and security.

Hopefully, I'll see some of you there.


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