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[ossig] Reporting from WSIS - Free and Open Source Software Movement goes Global at the WSIS in TUNIS


Reporting from WSIS - Free and Open Source Software Movement goes 
Global at the WSIS in TUNIS

The Joint UNDP-UNIDO “Sharing the future” initiative (with the support 
of the Governments of the Netherlands and Tunisia), has brought 
together several Free and Open Source Software Foundations from across 
the Globe represented by the Free Software and Open Source Foundation 
of Africa (FOSSFA – www.fossfa.net ), The Free Software and Open 
Source Foundation of Pakistan and the Iranian Free Software and Open 
Source Foundation among other Free and Open Source Software 
Practitioners and enthusiasts from across the globe.

Representatives of the 3 Foundations have agreed, under the 
facilitation of UNDP-UNIDO to form a global organisation dubbed the 
Free and Open Source Movement (FOSM) that will consist of all the 
Foundations, representing regions of different ethnic, religious, 
cultural and economic background to advocate for the use of Free and 
Open Source Software (FOSS) at a global level and engage the 
International Community, Governments and Development Partners on the 
benefits of adopting appropriate FOSS policies for ICT4D and the 
achievement of growth objectives as outlined in the Millennium 
Development Goals (MDGs).

The 3 representatives are working on a plan of action that will be 
discussed and refined further during the proceedings of the WSIS 
1.	Nicholas Kimolo
Co-Founder, FOSSFA: Free Software and Open Source Foundation of Africa 
2.	Fouad Riaz Bajwa
Co-Founder FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan
3.	Mohammad Khansari Iranian Free Software and Open Source 

The various ideas include:
Establishing a global foundation to boost the Free and Open Source 
Software Movement

Organization of global fund for sponsoring projects including ICT-4-D, 
Advanced Research in Emerging Disciplines and Technologies including 
an Economic & Technological Research Facility based in various regions 
with a special emphasis on Africa for the affective uplift of the 
human quality of life by promoting the profound vision of the FOSS 

Call for an immediate action

The founders of this vision on the occasion of WSIS-“Sharing the 
Future” have agreed upon developing a plan of action that will involve 
bringing together all stakeholders from around the globe in a forum 
dubbed IDLELO2 being organized by FOSSFA in February 2006 at Nairobi, 

Speaking on this occasion, Nicholas stated that it is evident that the 
FOSS movement is being under represented and not properly funded at a 
global level thus increasing the digital divide amongst the developing 
countries. This movement is the answer to building a global platform 
for the FOSS movement irrespective of religion, race and economic 
background. This movement will not only involve the FOSS organizations 
around the world but will bring into account a large number of Civil 
Organizations from across the globe under its operational umbrella to 
transfer FOSS technology and its benefits at a global scale. Major 
beneficiaries will be the Africa including and Asian Regions 
connecting the global agenda from the developed countries to the 
developing world. We are truly grateful to Tunisian Government and the 
United Nations for giving us the opportunity to pursue this vision. 
Our vision will benefit Tunisia and Africa as a whole in a profound 

Giving his comments, Fouad Bajwa stated that the Sharing the Future 
Platform by UNDP-UNIDO on the occasion of the WSIS has proved to be 
beneficial for the Free and Open Source Software Movement that instead 
of facing the problems of acquiring funds from other organizations to 
fund and support the movement, the relevant organizations themselves 
have agreed to answer their own problems creating multi-stakeholder 
partnerships. This body will enable the development of a global 
platform that will super charge the movement and its agenda for 
achieving the MDGs through the ICT-4-D and eliminating global poverty. 
This movement will be one of the strongest movements in the history of 
the world of humanitarian development.

Muhammad Khansari stated that the Arab World is being left out of 
global participation and this vision opens up avenues for direct 
participation of the Middle East into global forums that are geared 
towards alleviation of poverty and sharing knowledge and skills in 
Leap Frogging ICT for Human Development. This vision will not only 
support the continents, it will help Tunisia be an active member of 
the Global FOSS Movement. 

This announcment is being made soon during a press conference of the 
United Nations Development Programme during the Sharing the Events 
Press Conference.

The future consortia is calling all Free and Open Source Software 
Movement Organizations interested in joining the Global Fund for ICT 
through FOSS to forward their information to bajwa@fossfp.org.

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary 
FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan
Tel: ++923334661290
URL: www.fossfp.org
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