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Re: [ossig] The Edge

On Sun, 2005-11-20 at 19:58 +0800, BIGrat wrote:
> > I dunno if there is an online version, but doubt so.
> scan in the article? :)

Or get it at the nearest news stand. The choice bits (you owe me a teh
halia for this :-) ):

There are current and former employees who accuse the organization of

"While Mimos has been going around the country telling everyone to adopt
open source and claims it has fully embraced it internally, this is not
true", says a former Mimos executive in the open source unit who quit
after a short stint. The ex-employee says only the open source unit,
consisting of 10 people, was fully on open source for their office
applications. Mimos does have a policy of migrating full to open source,
but this was resisted by its staff and in the end, the management gave
in and let the staff have an option.

The story is confirmed by the Mimos researcher.

"Even a senior management team in charge of the open source unit does
not use fully use open source", says the ex-employee, who declined to
name the senior management person.


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