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[ossig] What do you use MySQL for?

Hello there,

Just doing a bit of "market research"[0], checking the
viability/possibility of a MySQL Meetup[1] for the Malaysian crowd. My
quick few questions:

1. Do you use a database?
2. If yes, do you use MySQL?
3. If no, what else do you use, and why?
(where why can be reasons as to why you don't use MySQL, including lack
of exposure, or it is missing something)
4. If you use MySQL, what do you use it for?
(administrating, playing around, developing apps on top of it, etc.)
5. If no to all the above, are you interested in learning more about
MySQL and taking your knowledge to the next step?

Thanks for taking the time to respond. If you'd rather not do it on
list, don't hesitate to send it to me via private e-mail. If I get
enough positive responses, we can get an official MySQL Meetup thing
happening.... and there'll be goodies[2], I'm sure

[0] - Sorry, my goals stem from the fact that I work at MySQL AB
[1] - http://mysql.meetup.com/
[2] - think caps, Sakila's[3], mugs, and so on
[3] - name of the dolphin, the mascot
Colin Charles, http://www.bytebot.net/

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