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Re: [ossig] What do you use MySQL for?


1. Yes, I use database
2. No, I do not use mysql
3. I use postgreSQL because it has many features and functionalities that
cannot be supported by mysql. Some simple features like "SUB-QUERY" cannot be
supported by mysql.
4. Not applicable
5. Not really, not enough time to explore too many things in depth. Rather
stick with one.

Many thanks and have a nice day.

Best regards,

--- Colin Charles <byte@aeon.com.my> wrote:

> Hello there,
> Just doing a bit of "market research"[0], checking the
> viability/possibility of a MySQL Meetup[1] for the Malaysian crowd. My
> quick few questions:
> 1. Do you use a database?
> 2. If yes, do you use MySQL?
> 3. If no, what else do you use, and why?
> (where why can be reasons as to why you don't use MySQL, including lack
> of exposure, or it is missing something)
> 4. If you use MySQL, what do you use it for?
> (administrating, playing around, developing apps on top of it, etc.)
> 5. If no to all the above, are you interested in learning more about
> MySQL and taking your knowledge to the next step?
> Thanks for taking the time to respond. If you'd rather not do it on
> list, don't hesitate to send it to me via private e-mail. If I get
> enough positive responses, we can get an official MySQL Meetup thing
> happening.... and there'll be goodies[2], I'm sure
> [0] - Sorry, my goals stem from the fact that I work at MySQL AB
> [1] - http://mysql.meetup.com/
> [2] - think caps, Sakila's[3], mugs, and so on
> [3] - name of the dolphin, the mascot
> -- 
> Colin Charles, http://www.bytebot.net/
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