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[ossig] Re: [myoss] What do you use MySQL for?

On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 03:55 +1100, Colin Charles wrote:

> 1. Do you use a database?


> 2. If yes, do you use MySQL?

Only if the application does not support PostgreSQL.

> 3. If no, what else do you use, and why?
> (where why can be reasons as to why you don't use MySQL, including lack
> of exposure, or it is missing something)

ZODB - native object oriented database for Zope application server.


- More complete high end database features such as stored procedures and
functions. These include third party functions and various languages
supported for stored procedures (eg. python).
- Above features have been available for a few years and stable.
- BSD license. Less problematic license.
- Dislike MySQL's "these features not important... we will support in it
  future.. we support it now and therefore we're enterprise ready".
  Good marketing but leaves a bad taste for developers that know better.
  (MS like).

> 4. If you use MySQL, what do you use it for?
> (administrating, playing around, developing apps on top of it, etc.)

LAMP apps that only support MySQL.

> 5. If no to all the above, are you interested in learning more about
> MySQL and taking your knowledge to the next step?

No. :)

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