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[ossig] Re: [myoss] What do you use MySQL for?

On 11/21/05, Colin Charles <byte@aeon.com.my> wrote:
> 1. Do you use a database?

> 2. If yes, do you use MySQL?
Yes, when required to by the applications I use.

> 3. If no, what else do you use, and why?
PostgreSQL. Previously ZODB, but now migrating away. Also evaluated
MaxDB (formerly SAP DB, also owned by MySQL) but found it inferior in
user-friendliness to pgsql.

> (where why can be reasons as to why you don't use MySQL, including lack
> of exposure, or it is missing something)

Previous reasons - bad experiences (table corrupted after system
crash, requires manual intervention), previously lacking features
(transactions, views, etc).

Current reason - client libraries are now GPL, so integrating with
projects where copyrights must vest with the client is tricky. While
some clients are quite willing to pay for support/commercial license
later from MySQL, the upfront requirement is cumbersome. Inhouse
expertise is built around pgsql and there is no compelling need to
build MySQL expertise.

> 4. If you use MySQL, what do you use it for?
> (administrating, playing around, developing apps on top of it, etc.)

phpBB only.

> 5. If no to all the above, are you interested in learning more about
> MySQL and taking your knowledge to the next step?

Of course. Always good to know what are the options out there. Course,
I'm not physically in Msia most of the time.


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