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Re: [ossig] What do you use MySQL for?

Colin Charles wrote:

> 1. Do you use a database?


> 2. If yes, do you use MySQL?


> 4. If you use MySQL, what do you use it for?

a) users require it
b) apps require it (Wordpress)

> 5. If no to all the above, are you interested in learning more about
> MySQL and taking your knowledge to the next step?

Hmm. Even though I didn't say 'no' to all of the above, I wouldn't mind 
to 'take my knowledge to the next step'.

> If I get
> enough positive responses, we can get an official MySQL Meetup thing
> happening.... and there'll be goodies[2], I'm sure

I'm not a great meet-up-er, alas.
But I support your idea and might make it for one or another of those, 
depending primarily on the topic and in second line on the goodies.


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