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[ossig] Re: [myoss] What do you use MySQL for?

On 11/21/05 14:20 Mohd Irwan Jamaluddin said the following:
> 1. Due to licensing issue. We still believe that in order to use MySQL
> for commercial purpose, we need to pay for the license (please correct
> me if I'm wrong). Hence, PostgreSQL rules!

that's been a favourite bugbear for a lot of people given MySQL AB's flip 
flops on the licensing issue a few times in the past. for starters, they 
seem to think that any app which makes a network connection to a MySQL 
database needs to be under the GPL or to obtain an alternative license from 
them. this may make sense if the app was linked to the MySQL client 
libraries, but what if it was not ?

additionally, and this is a bugbear of both postgresql and mysql, they both 
do not support raw disk storage preferring to use the filesystem instead. 
while this has obvious portability benefits, it doesnt however squeeze out 
a little bit more read/write performance by using raw disks like oracle, 
informix and sybase.

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