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Re: [ossig] MyOSS Meetup December 2005

> I have a video/audio recording of the parallel event organised by
> UNDP-APDIP at WSIS Tunis entitled "Software for development: Are Free /
> open source software the answer" Its a one and a half hour recording and
> panel members include Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, Robert Kramer
> (CompTIA), Shane Wall (VP Intel), Louis-Dominique Ouedraogo (UN JIU) and
> Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu Foundation). I think the UN JIU's views on
> FOSS is worth listening to as he referred to 2 UN reports that will be
> submitted to the General Assembly for adoption in relation to attaining
> the Goals of the UN Millennium Declaration. So are Mark's views on the
> Free Software Roadmaps. If you think there's interest to see/hear the
> session, I can bring along the recording.

If you have it in a digital non-proprietary format, I'd like to make a copy.



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